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We are not a mini bike reseller. At Burromax we design and build all our bikes in-house. We have spare parts and have excellent customer support. These bikes are lightweight and can travel with you anywhere. The size of the TT series allows these to fit into almost any trunk and the bikes weigh in at 55-62 lbs.

TT250 and TT350R are upgradeable and made to last. Those two models have performance mods and accessories that will allow you to enjoy your purchase for years to come. Our Lithium battery bikes charge to runtime ratio is guaranteed to outlast the competition.

The TT750R is the fastest of the mini electrics available for its size and is sure to impress even the most die-hard gas guys. Our bikes don't omit foul odors, overheat, or cause irritation. So you won't have to worry about burns or rashes.

The TT1600R is our latest mini electrics available. This bike is for people wanting performance!. With all that performance caution needs to be taken and we cannot stress enough the need to keep only experienced riders on this model

Another feature we provide is not only pretty cool looking battery and controller housing but our additional safety features. First, we give the buyer a key so children cannot start the bikeĀ  with a simple flip of a switch. Having a bike with a key also teaches some responsibility to children and keeps others off the bike when you're not looking. Best of all, parental control goes even further with a very well hidden Hi/Low switch. Therefore, you can limit the speed when younger or inexperienced riders want to take it for a spin.


Power : 250W 24VDC high torque BDC motor
Ave. Range : Every Inch of this bike says motorcycle! We have created the coolest and best quality piece out there. We've scaled down a cross between a TT Enduro and a Flat Tracker to give you a distinct look, added large diameter aluminum alloy wheels with 12.5" diameter pneumatic tires, rear disc brakes and a taller and wider 21" seat height for rider comfort with adjustable wide handlebars for added control. Heavy duty welded steel tube frame with adjustable mono shock rear suspension and telescopic front forks make this bike a very smooth ride. A realistic looking engine houses the power source and really helps set this bike apart from the competition. Our 250W motor with a 24V SLA deep cycle battery power system includes a charge indicator mounted on the motorcycle style twist grip throttle control. Select the top speed for riders skill level at 7 mph or 14 mph, has a 12 mile range with a 100 lb rider. The bike can be recharged in 8hrs and comes with a 1.5 amp UL listed charger. A keyed ignition keeps the unit secure and simple to use charger makes for hours of fun for the kids!


Power : 350W 24VDC High torque BDC Motor
Top Speed : SELECTABLE 8 OR 17 MPH
Ave. Range : The Burromax TT350R is used by kids and adults up to 250lb on flat ground and great for riders under 145lb for off-roading. We see bikes going to all types of racers who need a pit bike, campers, events where people need a ride from here to there, ride for the lake house, around the neighborhood, going fishing, walking the dog and so many other uses! Kids love these things too by the way! Bikes fit into the trunk of almost any car and weight in at 47lb so they are really easy to take with you


Power : One of our most powerful models of TT Mini Bikes
Top Speed : MAX SPEED 22 MPH
Ave. Range : Everyone who gets on the TT750 Thunderbolt says "Whoa - that's got a lot of torque!" - Its the fun kind for adults 16 and over. This will be your go to pit bike and it's already traveling the woods with hunters and putting smiles on faces at events. This bike has a lot of hit when you twist the throttle and should be all you need for this size bike. The TT750R is in a class of its own in the 750W and below electric mini bikes and it will not disappoint on performance. This is the same basic bike as our other TT series bikes with standard features like a front and rear suspension, front and rear disc brake, keyed ignition, variable throttle, and a 20" seat height. The noted exception is the performance specification. In addition it has a standard powerful LED Headlight, a new thin line LED tail light, a digital voltmeter and all bikes come with a taller set of handlebars that will accept our accessory items. Enjoy this one!


Top Speed : UP TO 32 MPH
Ave. Range : Our newest model offers up a larger bike that has lots of performance and features you will enjoy that are perfect for a utility bike like this one. With an extra padded seat this bike was intended to accommodate riders up to 6'4" comfortably and can pull up to 350lbs on pavement. We keep the bike weight down to 98 lbs and pack in a ton of performance with 4 selectable ride modes. Two ride modes are soft and easy to ride and two ride modes for guys who want power right now! With stock gearing it comes in with a top speed of 32 Mph. Very cool LED Halo headlight and handy bright LED sidelights for safety and campers. This is a great bike for kids who started out on our smaller TT series bikes and want to go to a bigger more motorcycle sized bike. We are sure you will be impressed with the quality and features. Fun for the whole family!